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Age of Troubadours and the Birth of Modernity

In this Philo Trip we will explore an important cultural movement that shaped the rise of modernity in Europe from 1100 to 1500: the culture of troubadours of Occitania. The troubadours were a group of poets, singers, and performance artists who emerged as a literary, artistic movement in early 1100s; they have their antecedents in the previous century, but not much is known about them). Scholars are still puzzled about the origin of this movement, but it was like a wild fire that spread first throughout Occitania (what is southern France today) and then throughout Europe, as it inspired poets and triggered the rise of vernacular poetry in Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, German, English and other European languages.

Ionia: History, Literature and Philosophy

This Philo Trip will explore the different facades of ancient Ionian culture. In addition to philosophy, we will focus on history and literature and read from Homer, Herodotus, and Anacreon. This journey will take us to major sites of Ionia, as we plunge into its history.