Yoga and History in Northern Cyprus

Instructor: Yunus Tuncel, Kim Larkin
from 1st Jun 2020 to 11th Jun 2020

**Trip date and price are to be announced at a future time. For any questions about this trip, contact**

In this Yoga and cultural retreat in Northern Cyprus, a beautiful and peaceful island of the Mediterranean, we will blend exploration of the island, its culture, history, and cuisine into our daily yoga practices. Because of its strategic location, Cyprus has been at the cross-roads of many cultures and civilizations such as Egyptians, Greeks, Persians, Romans, Venetians, Genoese and Turks. In this short trip, we will trace the imprints of these cultures, visit historic sites such as Salamis and Bella Pais, explore the landscape, visit cities and museums, taste from local cuisines, enjoy the beaches (still untouched in some parts), blend with locals, and immerse ourselves in a yoga practice that will include active and restorative yoga and meditation. The retreat is a 10-day trip including flight time from the United States (we will spend 8 full days on the island) and will be led by an experienced Yoga instructor and a scholar.

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