Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche

Instructor: Yunus Tuncel
from 10th Jun 2020 to 20th Jun 2020

**Trip date and price are to be announced at a future time. For any questions about this trip, contact**

In this trip, we will visit villages, towns, and cities where Nietzsche lived and discuss his works and ideas. During the trip, there will be lectures in the morning, followed up by discussions. In addition to the main instructor, there will be guest lecturers (a schedule of guest lectures will be provided closer to our departure date). For the lectures, we will follow the chronological order of Nietzsche's works. As for his life and the places where he lived, we will start in Leipzig region (Saxon-Anhalt) where he is originally from, visit Rocken, Naumburg, Schulphorta, Weimar, and Jena and move south (a strictly chronological order in this area is not possible) and visit Basel where Nietzsche lived for 10 years. Our trip will end in Sils Maria. We will visit many Nietzsche houses and institutes along the way. There will also be sightseeing led by tour guides to amplify our knowledge of the places we are visiting.

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